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1. Sage Atri and his wife Anasuya were living at Gnanaranya. Once Atri was away on pilgrimage. At that time there was very great draught. Anasuya, at the request of the rishis, wrought rain by sprinkling the 'padatheertha' of her husband.

2. Narada to humble down the pride of the three Goddesses, provoked their jealousy by narrating the incidents at Gnanaranya and extolling Anasuya and her matchless devotion to her husband.

3. In obedience to the dictates of their wives, Brahma, Siva and Vishnu visited Gnanaranya to test Anasuyas chastity.

4. The three Gods in the disguise of old Brahmins reached Atri?s ashram and begged alms and when Anasuya began to serve them food, they told her that they won?t partake the food unless it is served in her nudity.

5. Perplexed at the request of the three Brahmins, Anasuya thought of her husband and sprinkled his padatheertha and transformed the old Brahmins into three babies. After feeding them as they desired, she nursed and rocked them to sleep.

6. Hearing from Narada that there were babies in his ashram, Atri rushed to Gnanaranya. In all humility, Anasuya narrated the whole incident.

7. Baffled by the long absence of their Lords, the three Goddesses as per the advice of Narada, visited Gnanaranya and begged Mangalya Biksha from Anasuya.

8. Anasuya pointed them the cradles, but in the excitement, each one chose the wrong bady and they had not the power to find out their own husbands.

9. The three Goddesses, as per the advice of Anasuya went to Pragna Theertham and performed severe penance.

10. After the completion of the penance, the three Goddesses returned to Gnanaranya. The three babies appeared as Siva, Vishnu and Brahma and stood beside their Devies and gave darsan to Atri and Anasuya. Thus at Gnanaranya (the present Suchindrum) the Tirumurthis are worshipped by the devotees.

11. Indra, in order to purify himself from the curse of Gautama when he spoiled Gautama's wife Ahalya, came to Gnanaranya where the Thirumurthis are in one from as Sthanumalaya.

12. Indra performed puja to Sthanumalaya and got rid of the curse. As Indra was purified here, Gnanaranya is also came to be known as Suchindrum. Even today it is believed that Indra performs puja in this Temple every night.

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